Kari Christensen became obsessed with trolls and folktales at a young age while living in Norway. Thousands of dragon and witch drawings later, he received a BFA in illustration from BYU. Kari started his career at a games studio creating projects for Activision and Interactive Magic. He then worked as an art director for three years. During this time he began doing contract work with Games Workshop, this success spurred him to pursue freelance illustration fulltime. That was over ten years ago, and he has been working as an illustrator and concept artist ever since. He now devotes his time to working in the fields of publishing, games, and film. He also creates personal work and commissions for collectors.

Selected Projects + Publications




Activision Pitfall and other games

Alderac Entertainment Group L5R, Warlord, book covers

Animal Planet art for Freak Encounters

Barron's Educational Books art tutorials

Bastion Press cover art

BBDO New York concept art for DirectTV campaign 

Eden Studios book covers

Element 115 Productions concept designs and promotional art for film pitches

Fantasy Flight Games Warhammer RPG book interiors, Blood Bowl art

Games Workshop book interiors, White Dwarf interiors, Warhammer Fantasy and 40K card Art

Goodman Games book illustration

Heavy Metal Magazine

Imagine Publishing tutorials and iPad art

Interactive Magic artwork for the Great Battles Series

Lucky Clan ArtStudio testing and promo art

Luminary Films concept art and storyboards for 2015 Ford Mustang TV ad

Malhavoc Press book interiors

Martha Stewart Omnimedia art for holiday products

Morbid Industries concept art for Halloween products

Nitro Advertising Group advertising storyboards for Kraft Foods

NXTdream Films concept designs and promotional art for film pitches

Paizo Publishing book interiors

Sideshow Collectibles

Sony Online Entertainment Legends of Norrath, EverQuest illustrations

The Black Library art book illustrations

Turbine Games concept art, storyboards, and textures for LOTRO, DDO, and unreleased projects

Unearthed Films DVD cover art for Bonesickness

White Wolf Publishing book illustration and card art

Wizards of the Coast card illustrations